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Membership Requirements:

  1. All members commit to attending four quarterly meetings, held on the first Wednesday of March, June, September, and December at the Darien Community Association.

  2. Each member pledges to write a check for $100 at each of these quarterly meetings to a tax deductible charitable organization, which will be voted on by the group during the meeting (no cash).

  3. If a member cannot attend, they can turn in a blank check for $100 ahead of time or drop off a check anytime during the next week to the designated Board member.

Before each meeting, members can nominate local charitable organizations.  At the end of each meeting, three of these submitted organizations will be picked out of a hat.  The nominating member of each of the three chosen will be asked to give a five minute presentation at the following quarter’s meeting.  Once all three presentations have been made, members vote on the three options, and the votes are counted on the spot.  Members then make their checks out to the chosen charity. Because gifts are given directly to the charity, it eliminates overhead expenses and administrative costs and ensures that ALL the funds go directly to the charitable organization. 


By filling out the form below, I am agreeing that the information I provide below is accurate and true. I am pledging to participate in 100 Who Care Darien, and I am making a personal commitment to contribute $400 each calendar year ($100 quarterly) to local charitable organizations serving the Fairfield County area. I agree to donate each quarter to the organization selected by the group’s majority vote. If I am unable to attend a quarterly meeting, I will either send my check with another attending member to deliver on my behalf, mail it as requested after the meeting (with a copy of the check or receipt sent to, or pay online, if that option is presented. I also acknowledge that photographs and videos taken at events and meetings may include my image and may be used in promotional materials for 100 Who Care Darien.

I understand my personal contact information is strictly confidential and I understand it will not be shared or distributed to an outside third party without my consent.

Become a Member!

Thanks for submitting!

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